About TurtleWare

Written on 2017-04-10 12:30

Hello, my name is Daniel Kochmański. I like to think about myself as a Hacker in the true meaning of this word^1. In my opinion computer science and programming languages are both science and art at the same time. I'm also the free software proponent.

I've decided to build my own company TurtleWare. It is meant to live by the following values and principles:

  • social responsibility,
  • equity and fairness,
  • being solid and trustworthy.

These qualities are the cornerstone of the things I work on. From the technical perspective I'm skilled in the following areas:

  • Programming (Common Lisp, C/C++, Java, Android),
  • Graphical UI libraries (CLIM, LTK, QT, DirectFB),
  • Artificial intelligence (NLP, classical approaches),
  • Compilers and embedded devices,
  • Linux (kernel drivers, distributions, administration),
  • Programming in the POSIX systems: Linux, Unix, OSX, Windows (via MinGW and Cygwin), Android,

There are many other technologies I've used in the past, but I feel the most proficient with the above. I'm a constant self-learner.

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Daniel Kochmański