Hello, my name is Daniel Kochmański. I like to think of myself as a Hacker in the true meaning of this word. In my opinion, computer science and programming languages are both science and art at the same time. I'm also a free software enthusiast. I've decided to build my own company TurtleWare. It is meant to abide by the values and principles I believe in. I have a strong sense of aesthetics.

I'm actively maintaining and developing a Common Lisp compiler ECL and a CLIM implementation McCLIM. Both projects have a vibrant community of developers and users. I'm also maintaining and contributing to other projects. You can support my FLOSS work by becoming my patron or by sending me money with paypal.

I'm experienced in developing on POSIX platforms in Common Lisp and C. I've also created a Quality Assurance process for a moderate team of developers and testers. If you look for a consultant who can help you with software, then drop me a line.